Mike on the Issues

Mike speaks to residents about the issues facing the 22nd Ward.

Mike speaks to residents about the issues facing the 22nd Ward.


putting families first

On July 25, 2018, I was honored to receive the endorsement of the mighty 22nd Ward Independent Political Organization. I went on a 30 day listening tour of the 22nd Ward to better understand the issues and concerns impacting residents. I attended 16 block club or house meetings, attended by over 250 people from all over the district. The below platform represents the interests conveyed to me during this tour and what I am committed to working on.

As alderman, I will put the needs of the families of the 22nd Ward first.

Making our streets safe

Every family deserves to feel safe in their own community, and every child should be able to play on their block without fear. As alderman, I will:

  • Coordinate closely with community based groups and the Chicago Police Department 8th and 10th Districts to ensure our community has the resources and information it needs to keep our community safe

  • Work with state and federal officials to stop the flow of illegal guns into our neighborhoods

  • Advance efforts to implement the federal consent decree and create true community-based policing and oversight to ensure our officers are able to build authentic relationships and trust within the community and vice versa

Serving our community

I am committed to running a modern, efficient, fully bilingual ward service office that makes sure taxpayers get everything they need in our communities. As alderman, I will:

  • Make sure all constituent service requests, whether for new garbage cans and recycling bins, tree trimming or sidewalk repair, are addressed quickly and efficiently to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe

  • Be accessible and available through weekly Ward Nights and by continuing to visit residents door-to-door on a regular basis

  • Advocate forcefully for more resources for our local parks, libraries and infrastructure

Supporting our neighborhood schools

A CPS graduate myself, I am the father of two young children and my daughter is enrolled in public school. As alderman, I will:

  • Demand an elected school board that ensures our community’s voices and needs are fully represented

  • Fight for full funding of our public, neighborhood schools, including increasing resources for special education, social workers, nurses and librarians

  • Continue to support a moratorium on new, privately-managed and corporate aligned charter schools so current, public, neighborhood schools have all the resources they need to thrive

Standing up for working families

I am proud to be a champion for the needs of working class families in our community. As alderman, I will:

  • Introduce an ordinance to create a $15 minimum wage and help ensure 22nd Ward families can make ends meet and spend their money in our local economy

  • Support the Fair Workweek ordinance to help workers struggling with the insecurity created by unpredictable, last-minute workweek schedules

  • Be a strong ally to workers fighting to organize and bargain collectively for fair wages and working conditions

Protecting our environment

For too long, the Southwest Side has been a dumping ground for corporate polluters, putting our health and risk and poisoning the air we breathe and the land our kids play on. As alderman, I will:

  • Demand that the City of Chicago commit to relying on 100 percent clean sources of energy by 2035, and that a diverse team lead the process with a commitment to justice and equity for communities like ours

  • Ensure that all new corporations looking to set up shop in the 22nd Ward operate with a full commitment to environmental justice and protecting the public health of our residents

  • Fight to eliminate all lead in our drinking water. We must demand that the City replace every single lead service line and every fixture containing lead that could be poisoning our drinking water


I have worked on behalf of immigrants my entire career and believe our country was founded as an oasis for immigrants and refugees looking for a better life. As alderman, I will:

  • Work to strengthen the Welcoming City Ordinance because it does not do enough to protect undocumented Chicagoans. I will work to amend the ordinance and provide additional protections for undocumented immigrants that are essential in a time when the federal government is giving unprecedented and illegal powers to ICE agents

  • Advocate to end the gang database that has the potential to ensnare immigrants into deportation proceedings.

Youth Development

Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to supporting our youth. I served as a debate coach for over 10 years for high school students from Cristo Rey, Little Village and Farragut, advocated for youth violence prevention,and mentored hundreds of youth. As alderman, I will:

  • Work alongside our young people to invest in our community so that they choose to stay in our neighborhoods.

  • Advocate for opportunities and resources that provide access to college, jobs, programs, and mental health services.


I’m dedicated to continue serving as an ally of our LGBTQIA+ community. As alderman, I will:

  • Work with CPS to ensure youth feel safe in our communities and schools.

  • Advocate for fair and inclusive workplaces, housing, and public places.